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Great Walks of NZ

Take on this challenge to complete New Zealand's most iconic trails

Complete Great Walks throughout NZ
Take as long as you need to complete this journey

Take on the challenge of completing all the Great Walks of New Zealand through the country's most iconic trails. From the renowned Milford Track to the tranquil Abel Tasman Coast Track, this journey spans diverse landscapes, showcasing the natural beauty of New Zealand. Explore the Routeburn Track's majestic scenery, the Kepler Track's rugged vistas, and the striking landscapes of the Tongariro Northern Circuit. Each trail offers unique terrain, from dense forests to volcanic plateaus and coastal paths, presenting an opportunity to experience varied ecosystems and breathtaking vistas.

Completing these Great Walks isn't just a physical feat; it's an immersion into New Zealand's natural splendor, fostering a deeper connection with its diverse landscapes. As hikers conquer these trails, they discover the country's unparalleled beauty, fostering a genuine appreciation for its natural wonders. For many, this journey solidifies their love for hiking, while for others, it's a transformative exploration that amplifies their bond with nature. Regardless, it stands as a remarkable experience filled with awe-inspiring moments and a profound sense of accomplishment.

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Sébastien Goldberg on Unsplash

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Abel Tasman Coastal Track
  • 8 achievements
  • 9 days walk
  • 46.2 km
  • Aotearoa, New Zealand
Rakiura Track
  • 9 achievements
  • 6 days walk
  • 32 km
  • Aotearoa, New Zealand
Tongariro Northern Circuit
  • 10 achievements
  • 9 days walk
  • 45 km
  • Aotearoa, New Zealand
Milford Track
  • 12 achievements
  • 10 days walk
  • 53.5 km
  • Aotearoa, New Zealand
Kepler Track
  • 13 achievements
  • 11 days walk
  • 56.6 km
  • Aotearoa, New Zealand