Let’s go for a walk!

Welcome to Virtualtrails! Choose from our library of carefully curated tracks and trails from all around New Zealand, start a journey, and log your progress based on the walking or running you do in real life!

Illustration: Setting off on an adventure

How Virtualtrails works

Virtualtrails allows you to take a walk on distant paths, tracks you just can’t make it to today, or places people might not have ever walked at all!

Step 1

Register and get connected

Use our web app to connect with any devices you’re currently using to track your steps.

Step 2

Choose a trail to virtually walk!

Choose one of dozens of trails around Aotearoa New Zealand and the rest of the world to explore.

Step 3

Start walking and logging!

Start walking, and Virtualtrails will track your progress over the trail you’ve selected, so you can see your progress, and share it with friends.

Map data illustration

Real-life map data

Virtualtrails uses terrain and map data to track your journey. Every step you take in the real world is a step you take virtually along one of our many tracks, trails, and paths around Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.

Connect to the fitness apps you already use

Connect to Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, or Strava to automatically log your workouts and map them in Virtualtrails.

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Achievements illustration

Updates and achievements

Every Virtualtrail has secret achievements to unlock as you make progress, and progress updates will make sure you’re aware of where you’re at on your Virtualtrail, and what’s up next.

Team journeys illustration

Team Journeys

Gather your team and tackle journeys in collaborative or competitive modes. In collaborative mode, everyone's progress is combined to earn achievements and reach the finish line together. In competitive mode, everyone's progress is compared to see who can cross the finish line first.

Challenges illustration


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and achievement with our Challenges feature. Set goals and push your limits by completing specific routes or reaching distance objectives. Whether conquering well-trodden paths or exploring new routes, Challenges provide a dynamic way to elevate your fitness experience.

Explore challenges

Pick a route

We've carefully crafted short and long routes from around New Zealand, with information and notes available on each one. Pick whichever route suits you best from our collection.

Discover along the way

All routes have built-in achievements. These include images, videos, or extra information relevant to where you're up to in your journey, based on the progress you've logged.

Show off!

Share your journey with your friends for encouragement, or bragging rights. Sharing your journey shows your general progress, without including any detailed information. Sharing is always optional, your journey is private by default.

Pace yourself!

Chip away at your journey, or race through it as fast as you can. The pace is up to you. Virtualtrails supports automated walking, running, and wheelchair workout tracking with our fitness platform partners.

Work together

Set up a team for your journey and cover the distance faster! Perfect for longer routes, team mode allows multiple people to collaborate or compete to complete journeys.

It's your data

You can export your journey any time as a GeoJSON file, usable in a broad range of mapping and analysis tools. Exports including all progress data you've provided for your journey, as well as basic journey and route data.